Week 6: Digital Fluency

(Langwitches, 2014)

(Langwitches, 2014)

This week addressed each student’s need for digital fluency.  Digital fluency is the ability to use digital technologies relevant to one’s life with ease to achieve a desired outcome (Howell, 2014). This week, my digital fluency increased a little as I learnt about Boolean operators, memorising that using “OR” between words in a Google search will present results containing either word entered, in addition to both collectively. Further, knowledge about using Scratch was acquired and my understanding was demonstrated by generating the below animation. I found the idea of Scratch quite daunting, but the execution proved to be simpler than I thought and was, surprisingly, a quite enjoyable experience.



Using an animation program like Scratch in the classroom could be an interesting way to address authentic issues, such as cyberbullying, whilst simultaneously advancing students’ digital fluency and multi-literacy skills. For instance, students generate an idea for a message they would like to convey about cyberbullying, and harness self-regulated learning to understand how the program can reproduce their idea. Students then design and execute the visual, audio, and dialogue aspects using the program, and edit for completion. Critical and creative thinking skills and ethical understanding is further employed here, which are two of the General Capabilities included in the Australian Curriculum (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, 2013). I feel the multiple tasks and various digital modes used will encourage multi-literacy in students and increase their digital fluency, heightening their ability to participate in the digital world.



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